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Prevailing Wage is Not “One Size Fits All “

A competent vocational consultant knows the power to earn an income is a function of the capacity to perform work in the competitive local labor market, and the capacity to perform work is based on individual mental and physical abilities (worker traits). After assessing a worker’s individual and physical abilities as part of a comprehensive vocational evaluation, the consultant performs Local Labor Market Research which adds ecological validity to wage determination. This research answers the question “Can this worker, given his or her specific worker traits, perform work that is available in their local competitive labor market? If so, what is the prevailing wage for that work?” Put another way, the question answered is “Is there a Viable and Stable Labor Market in which this person can work?”

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Labor Market

The narrative surrounding the labor market during the COVID pandemic has been confusing for the past 18 months. Initially, the public was familiar with the mass loss of jobs at the onset of lockdowns and closures in the service industry. This pushed the unemployment rate to near record highs and caused millions to leave the workforce. This time also saw a massive shift in how people shopped for groceries, food, and everyday items. Delivery services such as Amazon, GrubHub and DoorDash hired at a fast pace, placing workers in more “gig economy” jobs, and lower waged part-time positions.

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Job Placement

One of the most common challenges faced by claimants participating in Vocational Rehabilitation Services is a singular work history and its impact on interviewing during job placement. All too often, an injured worker has maintained a lengthy career within one industry, or even with one employer, prior to injury. When faced with transitioning to a new career, the prospect of interviewing can be especially intimidating, whether due to the length of time that has transpired since the claimant last applied to or interviewed for a position, or because the targeted field or industry is a new one and they are unsure of their transferable skills. At Independent Rehabilitation Services, Inc., we recognize this dynamic and work diligently to equip our job placement clients for success in the interview arena.

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What is a Certified Rehabilitation Consultant?

What is a Certified Rehabilitation Consultant? Certified Rehabilitation Consultants are held to ethical standards as set forth by the Commission of Rehabilitation Counselor Certification’s Code of Professional Ethics. Vocational Evaluations and Expert Opinions should be based on a solid foundation of professional responsibility and adherence to best practices.
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