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One constant throughout our years of service has been that we treat each case with integrity, honesty and respect. That commitment has been a key component to our success for more than 25 years. Here’s what others have said about our drive to finding the best possible outcome for each case results:

“I have worked with many vocational rehabilitation counselors over the years but Mr. Patsavas and his counselors are clearly above the rest in their focus, experience, thoroughness and knowledge. They truly care about results and it shows in the high quality of their work product. I know when they are on a file that the best possible outcome will be achieved.”

Marc Cairo -Garofalo

General Counselor, Elite Staffing, Inc

“He was professional and thorough and sincerely interested in helping restore my client to a career she could enjoy and be proud of. He succeeded.”
“The term independent is not just the name of Mr. Patsavas’ agency, it encapsulates their approach to vocational rehabilitation. We have, on occasion, retained Independent Rehabilitation Services ourselves to provide an honest, expert opinion on the rehabilitation potential of clients who have suffered disabling injuries. Though you are not guaranteed to always get the opinion you want, you are guaranteed to get an opinion that is supported by the evidence and will likely carry the day at arbitration or trial.”

Gary J. Stokes

Stokes Law Offices

“I have known Dave Patsavas for over 20 years. Over that time, I have used him as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, in my role as an employer’s and insurer’s defense attorney.

In the course of IRS’s retention, Dave and his team have successfully returned dozens of my injured workers to meaningful, financially rewarding employment. From retraining and reeducating a Ferrellgas employee 15 years ago to perform other duties at his employer, to working for years with a Lafarge North America employee to retrain him from a laborer through college to a position as a project manager making more than he would have in his previous position. These are but two examples out of scores of employees who had their lives and earning capacities increased by working with IRS. Every client has a story, and these are only two of many.

Dave’s success individually, and the success of his employees, stems from an underlying fairness and true caring for his clients. He isn’t an expert who works backwards from a predetermined conclusion and molds his work to fit what someone wants the outcome to be. Instead, he invests time and thought in trying to improve each client’s vocational abilities in the workforce and beyond. As a testament to this, he has been retained by employees themselves for additional training after their worker’s compensation cases have concluded, something unheard of in the industry. Dave’s success has led to him being used by both attorneys for employees as well as employer’s attorneys.

As a defense attorney, there is a level of comfort suggesting Dave and IRS as a vocational expert to the employee’s attorney and having him welcomed with open arms – it is an unusual occurrence – except with IRS. His reputation before the Arbitrators and Judges I have spoken to is unparalleled. That is impressive enough. But what makes IRS and Dave Patsavas stand out is the response from the clients – their lives are changed.

They have skills that improve their lives and earning potential, and thus their happiness. And that is success. Dave Patsavas and Independent Rehabilitation Services are a success.  I could not recommend Dave and his company more highly.”

David T. Poulos

Poulos & Di Benedetto Law, P.C.

“After practicing workers’ compensation law in excess of 35 years, I have met and dealt with many vocational rehabilitation specialists in the State of Illinois. While engaging these individuals, both through their assistance with my many clients as well as in an adversarial setting, I find that there are only a handful of vocational rehabilitation firms and/or providers that I feel comfortable in recommending to my clients when the need arises.

David Patsavas and his staff at Independent Rehabilitation Services, Inc. are one of the providers at the top of this list. Mr. Patsavas and his staff have been instrumental in obtaining alternate employment and accommodated work situations for many of my clients and they do it in a very thorough, aggressive and yet humane and empathetic fashion.

Mr. Patsavas and his staff bring a great deal of understanding to the vagaries of people who are now confronted with changing career paths based upon an injury that has not afforded them the opportunity to return to their former employment. Oftentimes this involves a great deal of stress and discomfort, both physically as a consequence of the injury, but also mentally.

One of the most difficult things for an injured worker who now is faced with trying to find alternate employment is the insecurity and the stress involved in the unknown. Mr. Patsavas has always been able to counsel my clients and provide them with insights so that they can appreciate the effort that needs to be expended in finding alternative employment, but also in attempting to try and secure employment for these individuals who are now treading on a path that no one can forecast what the end result will be.

I am a big supporter of Mr. Patsavas and his firm in all of their efforts, primarily on behalf of the dozens of clients that I have recommended to seek his intervention and assistance in what can be a very stressful, and sometimes discouraging situation, as they seek to get their financial house in order, and return to an accepted, accommodated job.”

Richard E. Aleksy

Aleksy Belcher Law