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What is a Certified Rehabilitation Consultant? Certified Rehabilitation Consultants are held to ethical standards as set forth by the Commission of Rehabilitation Counselor Certification’s Code of Professional Ethics. Vocational Evaluations and Expert Opinions should be based on a solid foundation of professional responsibility and adherence to best practices.
Working within the highest of ethical standards includes knowing who the client is when conducting a vocational assessment, maintaining confidentiality, staying within the scope of one’s professional expertise and remain objective. Regardless of the referral source, Rehabilitation Counselors should be respectful of the client when providing services. In a Forensic setting, the client is called the “evaluee”. Even if the scope of work is a review of records only, professionalism should be maintained when referring to the evaluee and in documenting opinions. These opinions should be unbiased and grounded in research, thorough evaluation, accepted methodologies and within the scope of vocational expertise. In a counselor-client relationship, such as the provision of Job Placement Services, the Counselor is ethically bound to support the client. As an example, the development and implementation of a Rehabilitation Plan can outline roles and responsibilities of both the Counselor and Client. These clear guidelines identify goals in returning an individual back to gainful employment while outlining expectations should there be challenges in implementing such a Plan.

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