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Comprehensive Services

We work with companies and organizations to determine employability, to provide data driven information about return to work potentials, and to assist law firms by providing unbiased expert forensic testimony. An expanded list of services includes the following:

Case Management/Job Placement

The counselors at Independent Rehab Services will assist the Client with Job Readiness and Job Seeking Skills Training, education or short term training, computer training, identifying employment opportunities, interviewing skills/techniques, and a potential return to gainful employment. Once your client is released to return to work, we can provide Case Management/Job Placement Assistance to return them back to gainful employment. Our services include creating resumes and cover letters, as well as developing interviewing skills. Much of the working world depends on technology so we may provide individualized instruction on fundamental computer skills or identify a class at a community college or local library that can build skills for job seeking purposes. The job application process can be intimidating, so we will assist the client in identifying which employment listings are a good match, and why some may not be the best fit. We are prepared to assist clients in completing the job application and teach them how to network in order to get in front of hiring managers and human resources professionals.  

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One constant throughout our years of service has been that we treat each case with integrity, honesty and respect. That commitment has been a key component to our success for more than 25 years. Here’s what others have said about our drive to fining the best possible outcome for each case results:

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